echGlobal Ltd

Based in North Yorkshire UK, we are a diverse company sourcing and developing products for a world market supported by internet marketing and informational products.  Historically, we have provided multi-media health information for the UK, Australian and Malaysian markets and during 2014 we will launch a range of Health products to complement our growing industry.

…from concept to realisation and production to distribution we can deliver…
Developing a product requires research, analyising market trends and public demand to become successful.  Creative packaging, multiple routes to market and a desire to succeed are our specialities.


Online product fulfillment –

Top selling products are brought to market from around the globe.  echGlobal Store is a full eCommerce platform processing orders through to fulfilment. Transactions are securely undertaken with Paypal Pro

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Living with Angina

Extensive information and guidance for individuals and families coming to terms with angina.  Detailed explanations are accompanied with short animated videos.


Living with Angina

Internet Marketing

Selling online –

Discover the world of internet marketing with SteveHarrisonMarketing.  WordPress, affiliate marketing, social media, mailing lists, promotions all the tools to make an income working from home.

Health Information for the Mobile Market.

Several mobile apps have been developed for the health market. CPR and Anaphylactic Shock are currently available for android phones. Apps for Heart Attacks, Angina, Heart Failure, Diabetes, The Menopause and Asthma are in development.

Digital Publishing

ePublishing is a newer direction for echGlobal working on The Candy Books Series from a new author.  A range of six volumes will be initially released on Amazon during 2017.



The Candy Books Series